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Friday, November 12, 2010

Mounting the Model 3448 Self-Supporting, Axial Furnace Extensometer

The following video provides a visual demonstration of mounting the 3448 self-supporting, axial, furnace extensometer to a test specimen.

The model 3448 extensometers are held onto the specimen by light, flexible ceramic fiber cords. These allow the extensometer to support itself on the specimen so that no furnace mounting brackets are required. The side load on the test sample is greatly reduced because of the self-supporting design and light weight of the sensor. Most materials testing furnaces with a side cut-out for an extensometer will readily accept a Model 3448. For induction heating systems, a different ceramic cord placement allows the extensometer to easily pass between the coils.

High purity alumina (min 99.7%) ceramic rods are used with this model. These are available in lengths as required to fit your furnace. A spare set is included with every extensometer. Specify chisel (round and flat specimens), vee chisel (round specimens) or conical contact points (flat specimens) as desired. Most units operate equally well in tension and compression. Thus tensile, compression and cyclic tests like low cycle fatigue can all be performed with a single unit.

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