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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

NEW Calibration Reference

VREF Modules

10V calibration reference for high level devices.
Like the shunt calibration module for strain gaged extensometers, the VREF module is used to transfer Epsilon's calibration to a customer's electronics.
VREF works with all of Epsilon's high temperature capacitive extensometers, and is compatible with both the 3603 and 3604 signal conditioners. The high precision 10V reference used in the VREF module ensures calibrations are spot on every time. One VREF module may be used to calibrate several high level output extensometers by using the 10V extension value for each extensometer.

Calibration requires only these two simple steps:

  1. With the VREF module connected in place of the high level signal conditioner, first set the zero position with VREF set to 0V.
  2. Then switch VREF to 10V and calibrate the full scale position. Reconnect the signal conditioner and you're ready to go.

That's all it takes.